Section G8 is made up of the following lodges. To find your lodge visit oa-bsa.org/lodge-map.
At the local level, lodges exist to serve BSA councils and individual units. Each lodge chief is a member of the section’s Council of Chiefs and is able to attend and vote at monthly section meetings. Sections work closely with lodges to provide support when they need it.


  • Lodge Chief – Mclane R. 
  • Lodge Adviser – Matthew Lorenzen
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Chase Denison 


Konepaka Ketiwa

  • Lodge Chief – Connor E. 
  • Lodge Adviser – Michael Hartman. 
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Brittany Simonson.


  • Lodge Chief – Bryce A.
  • Lodge Adviser – Stephen Carroll.
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – James R. Madison 

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  • Lodge Chief – Audrey K. 
  • Lodge Adviser – Dave Scofield
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Michaela Freiburger


Wenasa Quenhotan

  • Lodge Chief – David S.
  • Lodge Adviser – Douglas Schwalm. 
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Collin Martis.

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